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Be the Community Storyteller

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You became a realtor because you love people and you love selling homes to those people. In fact, your people skills are top notch. They have to be. People trust you to help them make one of the biggest financial decisions they'll ever make in their life.

You're a wiz at building connections. You're charming. Someone may have accused you of being charismatic. But in today's marketplace, where every realtor has a property website, it's not enough to rely on charm or charisma. You've got to build your online reputation too.

And one of the best ways to form that connection is through blogging.


Consumers trust the information and advice they read about in blogs. And 82% of marketers who blog daily report acquiring at least one customer through their blog.

If those daily blog posts average between 1100 and 1200 words, you're going to improve your SEO. And that's going to make it easier for folks to find your website in a Google search.

And let's face it, home buyers and home sellers are going to find their realtor on Google. So make sure it's you.

Here's the thing, though. You don't just have to blog about the real estate market. In fact, blogging constantly about the real estate market makes you sound like a real bore. And you're not a bore. So you need to blog with charm and charisma.

A blog with PIZZAZZ!

Let's also be honest - you tell stories about the communities where you sell houses all day long. And everyone loves a good story.

Get creative.

Spice it up!

Here are a few ideas that work great for realtors.

Blog about the local businesses that serve the community

Maybe you just tried the new restaurant in town - and it was AMAZING!

Maybe you've got a favorite restaurant - and it's your favorite because of the local clientele or the owner is a really interesting person.

Or, if you enjoy shopping at a particular shop in your town, talk it up. Small towns, in particular, can have interesting things to offer - unique, off the beaten path, out of the way places that only locals know about.

Blog about the town's history

Are you a history buff?

Every town has a history - and you just might be the one to tell those stories. Research an important historic event or notable people.

Pinpoint historic landmarks in your area and create an itinerary for a town history tour.

Highlight fun historical facts.

Interview a notable resident

Perhaps someone famous lives in your town. Maybe you've got someone who does a ton of service. Perhaps your town is home to a long time politician.

Maybe the same family has run the grocery store in your town for the last century.

Simply sitting down and chatting with someone of note can be a wonderful blog post. People love to hear from their fellow residents or soon-to-be fellow residents.

Profile the schools

Families often choose where to live based on the quality of the schools. Write about what the schools have to offer new residents. Profile teachers or administrators.

Talk about sports teams or other activities offered by area schools. Highlight a unique education initiative the school is doing. Interview a long time coach.

Schools are full of interesting people with interesting stories.

Things to do

Everyone loves a staycation. Write about interesting things to do in and around town, whether it's fishing on the local lake, shopping, attending arts events or sporting events, or local shopping.

No matter how much people may love their homes, they have to get out every now and then. With your help, they'll go out with a purpose.

Home decor

Write about the latest trends in home decor. Offer suggestions for home organization. Suggest affordable ways to keep homes looking fresh.

Home decor ideas benefit both home buyers and sellers. Buyers look for ideas to decorate their new home while sellers want tips and tricks for staging their home. Use your position as a realtor to make recommendations to both types of customers.

Home improvement

What are the common problems that people in your area have with their homes? Suggest simple ways to fix them or recommend reputable service people in your area who can fix the stuff that the average homeowner cannot.

Or, tell interesting stories about a home remodeling project. Talk about the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design. If you have a funny story to share, write about it.


Curb appeal can make or break a sale. And some folks just like working in their yard. Starting in the spring, you can do a blog series on home landscaping.

Suggest plants, design strategies, and offer gardening tips. Good landscaping adds to a home's curb appeal - and increases value in a neighborhood.

Any of the above topics probably has at least 4 - 6 individual posts within it. Once you start brainstorming, the floodgates open and ideas come easily.

Beyond building relationships with home buyers and sellers, your blog helps you continue to network with business owners in your area. You recommend appropriate business services in any one of your blogs just as you do with the home buyers you meet in person by including links back to their websites in your posts.

So, in addition to connecting with potential customers, you're referring them to reputable contractors in the area who will no doubt refer folks back to you.

And if you're doing that 4-6 times a week, you're going to see an increase in organic traffic. Traffic you get without paying to be at the top of the list.

Except that you're busy selling houses.


Good thing you're reading this blog then. Because it's written by someone who's ready to ghostwrite all of those blogs for you. Someone who will tell your engaging stories with your charm and charisma.

That's right. When you hire a writer to ghostwrite your blogs for you, you can concentrate on your customers. While your writer concentrates on you.

And when you've got a whole lot more customers, you'll be glad you hired a writer.

I'm running a special in March to get you started.

Contact me today.

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