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My daughter broke her tibia last Monday.

My reaction surprised me. I imagine I'd barely be able to handle a situation like that but, in fact, I always get super calm under the circumstances. The same thing happened when she got stitches five years ago - and I am not a fan of blood.

This is mom life. And I am a mom. Before anything else I'm a mom.

Before being a copywriter.

Before being a business owner.

Before being a good neighbor.

Before anything else.

I had forgotten that.

This week's events forced me to reset and rethink my copywriting business. I spent the summer stressing about how to make this work. And stressing because I wasn't getting new business as fast as I'd like. And wondering if I was actually even good at this - or if I was just pretending.

I've met with a number of folks who've been running their own businesses. I've met with mentors. I've consulted my mom, who successfully ran her own business until she retired a few years ago. And they've all told me the same thing. It just takes time. You just can't give up.

And I've seen how running a small business can benefit families. A friend of mine, who runs her own business was able to take some time off at the beginning of the summer when her son got sick - because she had her own business.

It's easy to forget your reason for things when it's all on you. You are your own source of income. You can't just mindlessly go into a job and leave every two weeks with a paycheck. You are constantly on the hook for new business. You're always in the driver's seat.

And if you freelance, like me, you don't have a team to fill in for you if something happens.

But the two reasons I took this leap of faith are my two kids. And I lost sight of that at the beginning of the summer. I started to remember that a few weeks ago and then, bam!

My daughter broke her leg.

And I couldn't be here with her if I had to go to a job. I couldn't be present for her if I had a bunch of client work to do right now.

So I'm just going to reset, keep networking and prospecting as much as I can for the rest of the summer, and love on my kids.

Because they're the reason I decided to do this in the first place.

And when school starts, I'll hit it hard. Really hard. So I can continue to be there for them when life throws them another curve ball.

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