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Storytelling and Connection - Your Key to Small Business Success

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

"Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name..."- Cheers

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I live in a small town but, I'm a city girl at heart.

Growing up in a very large suburb south of Minneapolis, I had access to the trendiest stores and restaurants - less than five minutes from my home.

Then in 1992, the Mall of American opened. Literally everything I could possibly want was within a ten-minute drive of my parents' house.

Everything changed again when the Internet happened.

Suddenly, with the click of a few keys, I could have whatever I wanted - delivered to me.

Within days.

Without talking to anyone.

With everything I needed at my fingertips, I didn't think twice about moving to a small town with Target as its only major retailer. It didn't matter where I lived. Because - the Internet.

Eventually, my kids started school and I started commuting to Minneapolis for work. If I didn't want to use the Internet to shop, I could visit any number of downtown shops during my lunch break.

Things changed when that job didn't work out and I decided to be a freelance writer.

And they changed drastically.

I took my one-woman show straight to the Chamber of Commerce and joined forces with the other small business owners in my town.

I met shop owners.

And restauranteurs.

And realtors.

Good folks marketing their businesses in their towns.

You guys. That's a tough job!

Especially in today's market - when you're competing with online retail giants like Amazon.

When everyone in your town can get whatever they want from their computer or their phone.

What's a small shop owner to do?

Build an online presence. By telling their story.

It may seem outside of your wheelhouse - or even expensive. But it pays dividends in the end.

And you're not merely selling your product. You're building a relationship. This is key to getting people to visit your shop in person. People want connection.

In today's market where you can literally shop for anything you want without ever interacting with another person, you must give people a reason to interact with you. Build a relationship with them. And build it where they are.

Use Facebook.

Use Instagram.

And use the Internet.

Here's where your blog comes in. Here's where you put up your website and you start telling your story.

Make your story interesting and engaging enough that it distracts customers from shopping for a few minutes.

Motivate folks to purchase from you instead of Amazon.

Go above and beyond simply putting your products on your site.

Tell your story.

Human beings crave connection. And they're more motivated to do business with people they feel connected to.

Make that connection.

Create your narrative.

Kim Funk Creative is helping businesses like yours tell create their narrative. If you'd like help creating yours. Contact me today.

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