• Kim Funk

You've Only Got Three to Eight Seconds...

That's it. That's all the time you have to hook a customer who's visiting your website.

Three to eight seconds.

If you don't get them in that time, they'll move on to something else.

So...what have you got to say for yourself? Do you have a great headline? A great tagline?

Have you identified your customer's pain points? Do you have a call to action?

Is what's written there even interesting?

The only words you need are the ones that are clear, focused and grab attention.


You've already spent money on your website domain. Now you need to capitalize on that space.

And if what's written on your website doesn't keep the reader's attention, you'll lose them. So you gotta make sure you're using the right words.

The right words for your product.

The right words for your customer.

The words that make you stand out.

When you start to think about it, it's harder than it seems.

But there are people out there to help you. People, like me, who specialize in this sort of thing.

We're called copywriters. And believe it or not, some of us love working with small business owners. Because no business is too small for a top notch message.

I'm a small business owner just like you. And my job is to craft your message in such a way that grabs your customer's attention and keeps it there.

Wanna know another little secret?

As an independent contractor, I look at your business just like your customer would. In fact, I may already be your customer. And as you teach me about your business, I'll be thinking about your business from the customer's perspective. That means when I go to write about your business, I keep your customer in mind.

And once I've got your customer's attention, they'll spend more time on your website.

So here's how it works.

You spend about an hour discussing your business and marketing goals with me. Then, off I go. I do the research, write the copy, edit and proofread it and deliver it back for your review. Once approved it goes up on your website.

You've saved the time it would take to write the copy yourself. And you're working with someone whose passion is writing engaging copy.

Copy that keeps the customer on your website and gets them coming back for more.

When it comes to writing about your business, I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal. Tools that I've developed and fine tuned for years.

One more thing.

I'm not going to fill up your site with a bunch of words. My writing and ego are far less important than your business and your customer. I'm only going to write the words necessary to grab visitors' attention and keep it there.

Remember, we've only got 3 to 8 seconds...

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